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Sharm Pillay

Sharm Pillay is South Africa's 1st, Indian Female, Techno DJ.

It was April of 2013 when Sharm unwittingly started her DJ career. She intuitively followed her heart, taking heed to that persistent, enthusiastic feeling for music. To test the DJ scene Sharm held long term online radio residencies with More Bass and Chill Lover Radio in New York, Vendjs in Venezuela, Beats2Dance in the Netherlands and DI.FM in Sweden. She’s played intermittently for IBIZA White FM and The Movement in India.

Sharm has played live in various clubs, lounges and bars, at corporate events and private functions in South Africa: VSP Lounge, VIP Lounge, Newscafe, Adrenaline Café, Annies and Sun International to name a few. In 2017 she’s played at RISE Bar on the Gold Coast, Australia, Bondi Radio on Bondi Beach and KISS FM Radio in Melbourne, Australia.

Sharm has experienced various genres that ultimately set the tone for a colourful and keen ear, R &B, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues and finally Techno. Her passion for DJ'ing has everything to do with “Music that gets her soul dancing. Though, Techno is her first true love….. but ssssssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Music has been an integral cornerstone throughout her life. It ran deeply in the family. While her dad was singing lead, nailing it onstage with his bass guitar in a boy band, her mom passionately pursued her life-long love for music doing mixtapes of her own. Sharm’s paternal grandfather was South Africa’s first Hindu Drum (Thabla) gold medalist (1927). It’s definitely where she gets her love for filthy basslines.

Sharm’s ultimate goal is to inspire and entertain, fulfilling her Purpose, raising the planet’s vibration and anchoring Spirit into matter, through her music. Her DJ journey in essence... It’s a Spiritual thing.

For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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