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Electro Drum and DJ

Timmy Lala

TIMMY LALA has been tearing it up venue by venue across NSW & QLD with his unique sound providing something new and exciting at every performance.

Born into a family strongly influenced by music, Timmy started bashing pots and pans in beat and rhythm at the tender age of 2. By 5 he had progressed enough to be voted in as greater Sydney’s number 1 young Drummer/Percussionist. At the age of 17 he became a Disc Jockey, and after starting his career with house parties and small private gatherings, Timmy Lala now takes his DJ/Electro Drum System show on the road and spins tracks all over Australia.

Collaborating digital electric drums with his versatile LIVE DJ sets, Timmy Lala provides an energy that all venues completely go mental for. With an extensive fan base all over the country, he has become very well known in the nightclub scene and well respected in the DJ community. Timmy has worked alongside many Australian superstars with names such as Kid Kenobi, MC Shureshock, Tenzin, Nino Brown, J Smoove, Jesika, NUKEWOOD, Nick Skitz, Goodwill, Ember, Steve Frank, Timmy Trumpet and Tom Piper appearing next to his on venue artwork.

Timmy Lala also performs with long time partner in crime DJ TA$K as T2 Live! This DECKS + DRUMS Duo have played together at countless shows across the East Coast of Australia.
For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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