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Brent Cox

DJ Brent Cox

Brent brings a broadly educated versatility and eclectic experience to his DJ sets (and his music production). Cutting his teeth over the past six years as a full-time private dj, he has played hundreds of gigs in bars, at bar mitzvahs, house parties, club nights, corporate functions, shopping centres, weddings, backyards, restaurants and some of Sydney’s most iconic and breathtaking locations. He has played at the Kardashian Kollection fashion launch in Sydney, the Google Loves Data conference at the Powerhouse Museum, during an episode of The Bachelor Australia Season Two, at three different parts of the Sydney Opera House, roller-skating rinks, harbour cruises, shop front display windows and even backing up late Friday nights to hit play at 6am on Saturday morning to pump up the workout warriors. All the private functions have been balanced out with residencies at bars scattered through inner Sydney, initially earning pocket money and a free pizza for 4 hours of non-stop djing. The hard yards have honed his song programming, technical mixing and training his ears, the vast range of bookings have expanded his musical knowledge and the ever varying audiences have taught him how to read all sorts of crowds in all kinds of scenarios. Brent has taken every single moment in, building his confidence and always striving for a level of professionalism that has him winning favour with everyone he finds himself fortune enough to work with. This journey is ultimately what has lead him, in an industry full of businesses, to join Absolute Infinity.

Alongside the DJ adventure Brent studied Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute's Sydney campus in 2012. While attending he was selected from hundreds of hopefuls to produce his own internet radio show which became the starting point for his genre-blending Eclectic series, now close to its 20th release. Having been the only student in his class to entirely complete the EMP course, Brent was later nominated as an 'Alumni Superstar’ and invited to DJ at the opening of the new campus a couple of years later. The majority of his spare time is still spent producing, mostly at home, although crucial time is spent finalising these productions at professional recording studios. A “less is more" approach to hardware has lent itself to Brent making the most of what little he has to work with and has been an important step in developing his personal sound. Brent was one of the earliest contributors to an internationally recognised music channel while working under the previous alias of MidnightGenius with mixes he worked on during this time clocking over 80,000 plays and counting which attracted fans from all over the world and an invitation to be interviewed on radio. Brent later had a brief affair with hosting duties himself, albeit at a different station. Brent's persistence and dedication has begun to pay off with a remix included on a release for Deep House Aficionado in 2014 and his own original mix being debuted with Fracture Recordings in 2015. This has paved the way for a continuing relationship with London based Fracture Recordings and put him in direct contact with the heart of a bustling underground UK House scene.
For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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