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Nick Read


Nick Read aka DJ "INDAK" origin: Filipino (The Philippines) definition: “The Dancer”. “To dance in time with music”

INDAK is a project that has been developing over 4 years, but has only recently come to fruition in 2017 to label a premium DJ experience. This project has catered to multiple events in corporate, nightclub and private environments. It provides live mixes that are flawless and song choices that excite everyone!

INDAK continues to provide a platform that allows music to communicate to an audience on a much deeper level then just beats and sounds. The aim is to provide an unforgettable emotional experience across all genres and all audiences, catered to their individual tastes. 

INDAK’s career spans over multiple venues such as Dockside Harbour, Sydney Sea Life & Fort Dennison. It experiments with a range of genres from old school RNB to House & Dance, as well as Classics from the 80’s right to the most recent releases. INDAK’s ability to find your frequency is second to none, with the ability to predict what will get you moving in time. INDAK has a high level of musical understanding and appreciation through the experience of being a musician of over 14 years. INDAK’s study has been thorough and continues to grow and contribute to his mastery of music. 
For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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