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Hung Tran

DJ Tranzmatikk

TiCool Tranzmatikk (Hung Tran) is a DJ, Music Producer
He was born and grew up in HCMC (Vietnam).

Music is my life !!!

Tranzmatikk was trained in dance and has a natural ability to feel many kinds of music. He understands the dance floor and reading the crowd for a great party.

Gernes of music that I can play best:
- Hiphop RnB
- Dancehall / Reggaeton
- Music ranging to current Top 40 and Club hits
- Remixes

- 2008: He began to learn Hip-hop Dance. That was the first time he had his feeling with Dance Music
- 2009: He started trying to mix music for his dance crew's performance (The Unlimited Crew / Funkmasterz) by himself many times.
- 2010: He moved to Sydney, Australia and began taking orders of remixing music from dancers & dance crew for their dance performance (Funkmasterz, Milky Way, Da.Outlawz, X_Clown, Freestyle Crew, Former Action,...)

- 2011 to 2014: TiCool's dance music remixes became more popular to all dancers. His remixes were used in many Dance Battles & Dance Performance over the world 
Vietnam: So You Think You Can Dance Vietnam; Vietnam's Got Talent; Got To Dance Vietnam; Honda Be U VN; Kết Nối Trẻ; Comic Con VN; Move It; Floor Killer III; Hotstep 2013; BOTY 
VIETNAM 2013; DROP IT 2014; ...
Japan "former action @ MARS" / "AUGA DANCE STADIUM" "ICE CREAM SPECIAL" in Tokyo
Singapore "Dance Delight", 
Korea "Street All-round Championship Performance" / "GB ACADEMY CONCERT' / "Funk Stylers World Final"
Poland "Iskra Dance Contest" 
Germany, Russia, ...
For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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