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Fire Performers - STATUS Flow

STATUSFlow – Fire Performers & Dancers

STATUSFlow are an entertaining group who combine dance, fire and flow art for a powerful visual spectacle.

Christian (Soul C) and James (Jiggy J) work to deliver HIGH IMPACT shows for Private Functions, Corporate Events and Weddings. Your guests will remember your celebration FOREVER!

Their specialty is a capoeira styled fire show (think Mortal Combat, with FIRE!).

STATUSFlow will ensure professional delivery of safe and powerful movements, as well as excellent customer service, which will leave your audience on the edge of their seats.

STATUSFlow provide two main booking options;
1. Roaming Fire Shows (walking through the crowd)
2. Story Lined Choreographed Shows (more impressive for your audience)

Our Standard Package is usually 1 x Roaming Show to help build the suspense up for your audience (generally before the speeches at a Wedding Reception or Event), followed by Choreographed Fire Shows which include 2 x 7 minutes performances.

STATUSFlow carries full Public Liability Insurance and the safety of your guests is always paramount at every booking.

For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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