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Duo - Spring Break

SPRING BREAK duo are relatively new to the Sydney scene after working years Internationally and nationally in various live music projects. Comprising of Shannon Syron and Michael Fryar forming an acoustic guitar duo covering rock, pop and pub classics from yesteryear to now.

Shannon is the lead vocalist of the group with years of experience in the Australian covers scene as a vocalist, guitarist and bass player.  He is also the bandleader of his own separate covers band Kickstar who have been working for over 15 years, having recently teamed up with Michael for their new project Spring Break. Shannon is a crowd pleaser with his fun, friendly performance and great attitude and wealth of repertoire.

Michael is a talented musician who has also been on the scene for a number of years. He provides lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals. He has performed over 1300 professional gigs across Australia as well as touring Asia & the Middle East. Michael is one of a handful of musicians in the world to be certified by the White House from his previous work overseas.  When not performing in Spring Break, Michael is also a member of Australian rock band Black Label.

SPRING BREAK are a perfect choice if you are looking for a fun, talented duo band that is perfect entertainment for younger to middle age night life crowds or even laid back relaxing beer garden afternoon.
For bookings please contact Tim Densley at Absolute Infinity on 1800 811-981 or
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