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DJ Work Application

If you have a great personality & willingness to play all the party favourites please fill out the following online application form.

Unfortunately we dont have time to listen to your demos or read through your website so it's very important for you to sell yourself on this application.

Your Personal Details

  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Address
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Postcode
  • Work Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Fax
  • Mobile
  • Email 
  • Website
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Do you have an ABN?
  • Public Liability?
  • Own a car?
  • License?
  • DJ equipment?
  • If have DJ equipment, what do you own?
  • Available to work on these nights:

  • What gigs are you willing to do?

  • How far are you willing to travel?

  • How many years DJ experience?
  • Previous/currents gigs and residencies:
  • What mediums do you use to play?

  • If you use a computer, which program do you use?
  • Your abilities to perform
  • With "0" being no experience & "5" being perfect
  • Nightlife Video Music Computer System:
  • Microphone:
  • Beatmixing:
  • Rigging Equipment:
  • Song selection:
  • What style of music are you willing to play:

  • AND REMEMBER - We can only really give you work if you can play a little bit of everything. We need commercial DJs not "wanna be superstars"!
  • Do you currently have your own DJ company or work for another DJ company? If so, who?
  • Any extra information for us?